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Welcome to 'My Child' Course in Kannada: Solutions for Modern Parenting Challenges!

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Meet Your Mindset Coach

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Mahesh Masal


Join our scientifically designed course, delivered by renowned parenting expert, youth coach, and human mindset coach, Mahesh Masal. Having inspired over 1 million lives and with a massive following of 3 million on YouTube and social media, Mahesh Masal is here to guide you on your parenting journey.


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What does the My Child Course aim to achieve for parents?

My Child Course aims to assist parents in defining their desired relationships with their children and equips them with the necessary tools to establish a deeper and more enriching connection within their family.

What is the primary focus of parenting training programs?

Parenting training programs primarily aim to provide guidance, education, and accountability to empower families in developing their own parenting skills, rather than merely diagnosing or prescribing solutions for specific issues.

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A Parent's Guide to Nurturing Child Development and Insights

Watch our video to discover how you can transition from conventional parenting to empowered parenting

'My Child' Course in Kannada

What You Will Learn In 36 Days?

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Join and Become Like The Top 1% Successful Parent

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Featured In

Vartha Bharati | 13-02-2023

Let your child be curious, let them ask questions: Mindset coach Mahesh Masal at MEIF conference

Advising the parents to give freedom to children for asking questions, counselor and human mindset coach Mahesh Masal urged people to not be upset if their kids ask questions out of curiosity.

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